Quality Control

Quality Assurance

wildrose quality controlWildrose Designs quality system requires 100% inspection for every component of each sign and design that we produce. Once we have received 50% Deposit, and you have approved the final design drawing (with your signature) your sign or design goes into production. Our working check lists require initials, dates and times recorded upon completion of each operation. This monitors progress and keeps each craftsperson accountable. It flows important information downstream assuring, for example, that a second coat of paint will not be applied until the first coat has cured for a recommended specific time based on the current humidity and temperature levels.

Custom Design Process

If you need professional assistance with your sign design, you can purchase one of our custom design packages. This can be drawn up by one of our architectural designers. Your Wildrose sales representative will discuss certain aspects of the project with you so that a clear assignment can be drawn up for our Architectural Designers. Use the gallery on our site to browse through signs that might be a starting point for the design you would like to have.

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