Hanging Systems


For our small cottage and home signs,  we offer Eye Bolt Hanging Systems:
We supply two eye bolts inserted into the top edge of the sign, and a set of matching quick links to connect these eye bolts to  the appropriate hardware at the installation  sitethat you choose. If you need the eye bolts on the sign to be spaced a specific distance apart, let us know. You or your installation contractor,  supply two eye bolts or other fasteners substantial enough to securely attach your sign to your chosen hanging location in local wind conditions.
For cottage and home signs we also offer a
Scroll Hanging System:
For an additional cost we supply a “wrought iron” style of scroll bracket fabricated out of steel, powder-coated black. The correct size will be selected by Wildrose, based on the size of your sign. This hanging system comes with quick links and, if needed, a short section of chain to attach your sign to the scroll. Scroll hanging systems are not available for signs wider than 32″, if your sign is too large for a scroll hanger, you will not be able to select this option when ordering. You supply bolt fasteners substantial enough to securely attach the scroll hanger to your post or wall in local wind conditions.
For signs that require flush mounting on walls, we offer a Wall Hanging System:
For an additional cost, we supply Wildrose’s wall hanging system which is an aluminum track plate which is  attached to the back of the sign with stainless steel screws. This system consists of interlocking aluminum rails, one side of which is attached to the sign, the other to the wall. The number and length of rails supplied will vary depending on the size of sign. You supply appropriate fasteners to securely attach the rails to the wall.
For our larger signage installation needs, we can recommend hiring a reputable contractor.  Our pricing does not include any installation costs. For our business client’s; we strongly urge you to have sign permit applications in place, prior to ordering a Wildrose Designs Sign.
Signage delivery is not included with the sale of our signs, and signage pick up should be arranged by a reputable contractor.

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