Hand Carved Business Signs

Wildrose Designs signature exterior signage substrate for dimensional applications is a water/insect-proof material that carves, paints, and machines like timber; and it is the same density as a soft wood [40kg/cubic m] with comparable dent resistance. It’s weathering is superior to timber in exterior applications. Unlike other signage materials, this signature material will not crack, warp, split, swell or rot in the elements. The particular product that we use for dimensional signage is comprised of up to 16% recycled material and carries a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty against structural deterioration under normal weather conditions. Wildrose uses top of the line marine adhesives to laminate PVC to our larger signs for added density and impact resistance. Our water-based 100% acrylic paints have extremely high levels of adhesion, UV resistance and color-fastness.  Our customers have many choices with regards to their signage manufacturing process. They can choose to either have their signage lettering hand painted, chiseled or hand carved. All sign lettering can be either painted with oil-based sign specific enamel or gilded with 23 kt gold-leaf.


We also offer custom shaped unique freestanding pylon signs, typically located outside in high traffic areas. These illuminated or non-illuminated aluminum signs typically have visible supporting posts or other foundational structures. Wildrose Designs distinctive 3D effects and high-quality materials sends a message of care and pride of those who they are representing. Signs are often ignored if they are functional, but bad signs can make a poor impression on visitors and prospective clients.


Full colour digital display boards add life to a uninteresting interior/exterior pylon or carved business sign. LEDs or light-emitting diodes create the pixels that comprise the display. Each pixel is made up of three LEDs (red, green and blue) mounted close together and encapsulated in a translucent polymer. Our displays can create over a million colours, achieve a higher resolution, offer smoother image quality, a wider viewing angle and higher colour saturation than traditional LED bulbs.

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