23 KT Gold Leaf Lettering

Traditional 23 kt Gold leaf glass lettering techniques have long been used on windows to portray quality and permanence. When we began learning this technique in the early 2000’s, mastery of gold leaf techniques was one of our goals. Gold leaf has become marginalized as the industry is now dominated by digital printing. There is however still an important place for the art of signwriting. There will always be a market for high quality gold leaf sign work for shop windows and storefronts, as it remains unsurpassed for visual impact. You may note that there are often two finishes used in gold lettering. The bright (mirror) finish and the matt finish. They work well together and provide additional visibility because they reflect light differently. We source the best specialty paints and the finest gold leaf available, which is mainly hand-beaten in Italy. We believe there is beauty in the makers mark from using the brush by hand. We utilize traditional signwriting by incorporating unique fonts and our own bespoke lettering designs and skills.

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