Custom Installation Brackets

Wildrose Designs  offers posts and fixings which are  custom-extruded marine-grade aluminum. Our rust-free, scratch-resistant, powder-coated post systems.  As an extra service to our clients, Wildrose Designs can offer custom structural installation drawings  to complement your signage design  which assists our customers with the  approval stages from Township Departments and  Engineer Departments faster and easier.

Custom Wrought Iron Brackets

For centuries wrought iron scroll hangers have been the classic way to hang single signs. Wildrose’s ‘Wrought Iron’ scroll hangers are strong, durable and even lightweight! We offer traditional wrought iron and we also rust-proof, powder-coated marine grade aluminum brackets. They have the classic look of wrought iron but these hangers will never rust or have welds fail out in the wind and elements. Our scroll hangers come in five different sizes. Wildrose’s designers will determine the correct size and eye bolt position for your custom sign. Our largest scroll hanger will hold a sign up to 32″ wide.

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