About Us


Wildrose Designs began in rural Northern Ontario in 2007.  After a few hundred signs and a few awards later,  we have made our mark  in Ontario as Our hand-crafted sign vision continues to grow as a  leader in the Canadian handcrafted sign industry.

Our markets spread quickly from tourism to schools, home owners, wineries, farm and property owners, aged-care, healthcare, retail, churches, food and hospitality venues, architects, developers and local governments. Our products expanded from small wall signs to large pylon signs and monuments. Anyone wishing to make a ‘quality statement’ found that handcrafted dimensional signs were a great way to do it.

The Makers of Handcrafted Signage

We are designers, wood carvers and artisans  and create signage of all sizes for clients across Ontario and Canada. OUR SIGNS are  handcrafted by an award winning team of signcrafters and artists. Many of our current staff members are family and friends of the original craftsmen – and they carry on our original vision.At Wildrose Designs,  traditional work values and hand-skills are passed onto the next generation. We share our responsibilities in such a way that every worker takes ownership and pride in keeping our quality high and our customers happy. The results speak for themselves.  Making world class signage by hand is a rewarding experience in itself. Enthusiasm is high as complex projects reach completion and we take a photo of each sign to show to our clients prior to shipping.


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