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Psychologist Albert Mehrabian demonstrated that 93% of communication is nonverbal. Cognitive scientific research proves that 90 % of decision making is based on an emotion. The best visual design gives the receiver a recognizable good feeling…LOVE at first sight.

Business Signs

Wildrose Designs uses water/insect-proof and fire retardant signage material. Our material carves, paints, and machines like timber and it is the same density as a soft wood -40kg/cubic m- with comparable dent resistance. It’s weathering is superior to timber in exterior applications. Read More…

Why Us?

Wildrose is the ONLY Canadian  sign company offering this calibre and capacity of hand-carved, hand-painted signage made from insect & weatherproof material. Our signs consistently take national and international awards. Each Wildrose sign is an original piece of custom artwork. Businesses report increases in sales and customer awareness following the installation of a Wildrose sign.

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We usually start with a phone interview. We discuss key marketing and design questions: From what distance must your sign be readable? What speed is your reader travelling? What should potential customers do once they’ve read your sign?

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Business Signage and Way Finding Signs.